Taco ’bout Teaching: The Passionate Perez

By Natasha Muller

Name: Adam Perez (Mr. Perez)

Subjects: Government/Economics

Years at Westmont: 4

Birthplace: San Jose, CA

High School: Live Oak High School

College: San Francisco State University

What makes Westmont great? There is a sense of community at Westmont that I really love.  From the students, staff, parents, and the members surrounding the school.  There’s a lot of pride and tradition and it’s been so great to become a part of it all.

What do you enjoy about teaching? The thing I enjoy/miss the most is having conversations and making students think. Since I teach gov/econ I really enjoy getting students to share their opinions, be able to support their opinions, and understand multiple perspectives.

Describe the perfect meal: Hawaiian Food: Kalua Pig, Mac Salad, and some sticky rice.

What are your favorite artists? The Green, Kenny Chesney, John Mayer

What is your favorite unit/concept/standard that you teach and why? The very first unit in Government- Foundations of American Government (mostly because it covers the Constitution). I just find it fascinating that we still pretty much adhere to a document written over 200 years ago! I enjoy going over the creation of the document, but really like to point out the numerous pieces that were left open to interpretation and get students’ opinions.

If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be? Passionate, Competitive, and Adventurous.

What do you like to do in your free time? In my free time I really enjoy spending time along the coast. I try to go to Santa Cruz anytime I get the chance and also enjoy spending time in Monterey. Oh and I’m a huge Disney fan so when the parks are open you can find me there at least a couple times a year.