A Covid Season

By Kayla Kim

This year’s volleyball season, Westmonts’ varsity team is expecting three returning players: one Senior and two Juniors. Last year, they finished the season as League Champions and are hoping to maintain the title this year. While only three players remain, they are “excited about building a new team of enthusiastic players” says Captain Kendyl Brower.

Westmont’s Cross Country team is starting the season off with great teamwork and diligence. This past meet, the Varsity girls squad stuck together the entire race and finished first through seventh within three seconds of each other. Varsity Boys finished strong as some of their runners placed in the top six. The cross country community “encourages a team spirit rather than individual scores, which helps the team focus on helping each other” says Sophomore Varsity runner, Avalon Kelly. She has really appreciated the seniors’ kind and supportive spirit, Avalon anticipates that “with their help they will be able to finish with a successful season.” This simple phrase from Sophomore, Evan Griffith, truly exemplifies and encapsulates his love for the sport: “I like run.” As amusing as it sounds, Evan is “overwhelmed with a myriad of joyous emotional feelings due to the activity of cross country taking place once again.”   The enthusiasm and positivity that radiates from the Westmont Cross Country team will hopefully lead them to a bright season. 

With 18 players on the Westmont Field Hockey team, Sophomore Rachel Griffith has “high hopes for a fun and strong season.” Their eight returning varsity players help the incoming teammates to develop a certain level of team chemistry which contributes to their “warm, kind and supportive community,” explains Rachel. In this upcoming season, the team expects to see success and progress. 

As Westmont’s football team trains diligently, their varsity team of 34 players continues to thrive despite the present Covid restrictions. Varsity Junior, Marcus Swalve, stays positive as he is “excited to start a new journey with football and see our team succeed this season.” With their first game approaching, they have been working as hard as ever in order to get the most out of each game, especially in this short season.