Will We Finally See Trump’s Taxes?

By Nick Murray

On February 22 the Manhattan District Attorney obtained copies of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns and numerous other financial documents. Donald Trump has long been viewed as a wealthy businessman around the world. However, many have suspected him of shady business dealings and failure to meet deals. Likewise, the former president has bragged about his ability to escape paying various taxes through loopholes and abuse of the system. While he has denied any wrongdoing numerous times, the Donald refused to disclose his tax returns during his election and subsequent presidency unlike the vast majority of his predecessors.

The Manhattan DA originally subpoenaed the former president for his financial documents earlier this year. However, as he had done with the numerous other efforts to obtain his tax returns, Trump fought vigorously. He appealed the subpoena, taking it all the way to the Supreme Court. Despite his best efforts, the court denied his appeal and granted the Manhattan DA access to Trump’s financial documents. 

Last year, the New York Times published an investigative article claiming they had obtained documents showing then President Trump had paid a mere $750 in federal income tax from 2016 to 2017 and had paid zero federal income tax in ten of the past fifteen years. As one would expect, the former president—who had repeatedly bragged about his ability to avoid taxes—denied the claim. 

Reports have pointed to multiple aspects of Trump’s personal and business dealings under investigation. Early reports indicated the former president was being investigated for supposed hush money paid to multiple women with whom he had affairs. More recent information points more to Trump’s business dealings as his real estate company is supposedly being investigated for bank and insurance fraud. 

Trump has repeatedly dismissed the investigation as “politically motivated” and has already filed a second appeal. Unfortunately, New York law states grand jury investigations must be confidential meaning the public may never learn the truth of the former presidents financial dealings. Regardless, one would hope the DA’s acquisition of Trump’s tax records might bring some light to the president’s finances and loyalties.