Freeze, A Jolly Good Fellow

By Jack de Cesare

I venture up the slick mountain side 

To find only one life inside 

A cave so tall majestic 

Snow sprinkled on the floor crazy yet domestic. 

Inside the cave I hear a “Roar “

It’s frightening to not run Away like a boar

Inside I find a creature tall and clean

His fur so shiny it makes my eyes gleam 

I call Hello What are you 

He Answers my Name is Lou 

I’m a yeti from the far north 

This cave is my home I declare henceforth 

There’s a frozen ember that lights the cave 

Burning in the center it raves

Why did you come to my cave so high 

Humans are not welcomed he sighed 

I wanted to meet you of course 

I veneered from down the mounted guided by a Norse 

Let’s talk I’ve decided

What do you do up here I resided 

Not much my pastimes include cooking 

That sounds epic there is no stove I said while looking 

Well I don’t use heat I make fancy ice 

That’s sounds nice 

Can you teach me to make this delight 

No problem it’s easy it will take till new light

Well let’s start what is the first ingredient 

Cut down one of those stalagmites there being disobedient 

Then bring it over here to the stone contraption 

This looks like the machine we used in my chefs faction

It crushes the ice to a fine snow 

I took these seeds and let them grow 

Now I’ll use the fine berries as the syrup 

The berries are a nice and syrupy no you just need to stirrup 

I take my wood bowls that I carved 

Feed the snow to the bowl like its a child that’s starved 

Then to finish it off pile the syrup the mountain 

The snow should look like a purple fountain 

Wow Lou this is epic 

Thank you your words sound so poetic

Well I’ll be on my way goodbye Lou 

Good bye I hope I see you soon 

As he descends into the cold misty shadows of the mountain.