To You

By Jett Felder

The day is far too hot

The night is far too cold

The kindergartener is rather young

The high school senior is quite old

The news is far too biased

The textbook, too aloof

The opera’s words are esoteric and obfuscating

The pop song’s lines don’t rhyme

The prisons have too many tenants

The military, too much might

The rich, too many sculptures

The poor, too great a plight

The politician is all bark

The executioner, all bite

The ten percent are far too left

The other ninety’s hands, too right

The shoe on this foot is too loose

The shoe on that foot is too tight

The servant wants his half-brother

His half-brother, just the kite

I want to sleep in my dark bedroom

But my phone screen is too bright

This world is so erratic

Has no fore -shadowing or -sight

It wants me to cave in

Sometimes I think that I just might

Maybe we will die alone

Voiceless whispers in the night

Maybe we never really lived

Dreams crushed by diffidence and fright

Maybe everything man has ever made

Wreaks of violence, greed, and blight

But you?

You came out just right.