By Yaoci Gamboa

The girl stares out the window,

Watching the snow gently fall

Like a white blanket covering the ground.

Small snowflakes, delicately dance in the sky.

She curls up on the small, comfortable couch,

wraps the thick, soft blankets

Enveloping her in warmth.

Her mother comes to the room,

A mug of hot chocolate with melting marshmallows.

The girl smiles brightly,

Tastes the sweet chocolate and gooey marshmallow.

The girl’s mother sits next to her on the couch,

Her warmth spreading through the room.

The mother and child both sit together,


And safe.

They turn on the fireplace,

The flames flickering,

Making shadows dance across the walls.

The girl drifts between sleep while her mother gently strokes her hair soothingly.

The girl finally sleeps peacefully,

A land where her hopes and desires come to life.

A place she can feel true happiness.

She thinks her wishes only come alive in dreams,

But when she wakes,

She sees her mother smiling at her,

Grateful for the daughter she was given.

The girl sees her mother’s happiness,

And realizes her dreams don’t matter anymore,

Because she found her happiness, here.

Just being with her mom, huddled together,

On that cold, snowy night, happy and content.