Politics 2, 2024

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in the removal of books from libraries and classrooms within public school districts across the United States. While the practice has persisted since the dawn of public education, the sheer volume of these recent removals has garnered significant attention, sparking vigorous debates on the issue.

For starters, the term “ban” is fairly misleading.

As Republican primaries grow closer and closer, tensions have started to rise throughout the Republican party, and all the tension was finally put on display in Milwaukee on August 23rd, when 8 of the 9 republican presidential candidate frontrunners went head to head discussing various topics that voters deem important. However, it wasn’t just about who was at the debate, there was also a void usually filled by former president Trump, who’s absence was evident in the room full of rookies. Anyways, let’s review some of the major points from each candidate.