Op/Ed 4, 2023

Humans love to have a definite identity for themselves. We strive to get to know our own personalities, labeling our tendencies as confining adjectives; students who frequently fall behind in their responsibilities adopt the title of “procrastinator.” Similarly, one who historically struggled with meeting new people restricts him or herself to having an introverted temperament. Though such attributes receive widespread acceptance, well-intentioned people who accept these societal “boxes” and step into them with no hesitation diminish opportunities for growth.

The Living Marionette

Although constantly written off as a cheesy chick flick, Legally Blonde deserves praise as a feminist classic. Sorority girl turned law student Elle Woods trailblazes a message necessary but often lacking from modern feminism: You do not have to change who you are to be successful in the world. 

Around 6.3 million animals enter shelters every year. Among those animals, approximately 920,000 are euthanized while 4.1 million find their forever homes, and about 810,000 are returned back to their owners after becoming lost. Astonishingly, thirty-four percent of dogs are obtained through a breeder which begs the question, to adopt or shop? The answer? To adopt. 

Every year the federal government designates tax paying dollars for various purposes. The current budget affords 146 million dollars to ensure federal employees can travel in business class. The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) even spent $592,527 to speculate the behaviors of chimpanzees, answering the “pressing” issue: why do the primates throw their feces? With the lives of millions of children at risk, the government must quit the monkey business: childhood cancer deserves more than four percent of federal funding.