Meet the Editors 1

And Our Cheers or Fears

Welcome! We are The Shield’s senior editors, committed to making all aspects of our newspaper exceptional. This year, our class is learning how navigate the unique circumstances that the pandemic has generated. To create eye-catching layouts, communicate virtually, and decide on stories proved challenging in our quest to bring this beloved paper online. Yet, already we have work to be proud of: we launched this very site! Some students are excited for this new school year; others, apprehensive. Which have cheers, and which have fears? As we set sail into the unknown that is the 2020-2021 school year, learn which captains are ready for take off, and which would prefer to stay ashore.

Makenna Adams


Three Cheers for Time!
I am excited for this upcoming school year because I will get a chance to unwind between classes. By attending classes from home, I will be able to relax more as a whole. Working from home will give me time off to do activities that I could not do otherwise, if I were attending school in person. I am looking forward to use my time in between classes for fun past times, like going for a hike or watching a movie!

Will Caraccio


The Senior Year Paradox
Senior year has finally arrived! While this strange year is sure to be far different from anything I could have expected as a doe-eyed freshman, nonetheless a silver lining illuminates an otherwise gloomy sky: no senior year, no senioritis! After three years of hard work and diligent study, having to attend school day in, day out, can take a toll on a senior’s motivation to maintain academic excellence. Lucky for us, we can enjoy classes from the comfort of our bedrooms and invest in some much needed self-care during our Wednesdays off. While having few experiences of a traditional senior year seems like an unhappy proposition, having no senioritis makes it a little bit better!

Anna Hanuska


Licensed to Drive
This year, I look forward to having more time in between classes and more independence because I have my driver’s license now. However, I worry about my workload, especially with the trouble of learning online. I also miss my robotics team and seeing my friends every day.

Cassie Kim


To Weep Or To Sleep
I am more fearful than cheerful about this year because of the challenges we may face. My procrastination has already had a detrimental impact on my sleep schedule; combined with the lack of a routine, I am afraid that I will develop full blown senioritis. I am glad that I might get more sleep, but my sleep schedule is already so horrible that it is likely that I will sleep through my alarms and miss a class.

Madi Zanardelli


Claps for Naps!
I am more optimistic than afraid for this upcoming year. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to sleeping in.

But also, I think the new online schedule will give me the flexibility and time to work on extracurriculars, and spend time with my family before I leave for college.