Indie Bops

By Alessandra Kelly  “Freaks” – Surf Curse  “Looking Out for You” – Joy Again  “More than Friends” – Aidan Bissett “Swing Lynn” – Harmless “Money” – The Drums “Money Making Machine” – Current Joys  “Blondie” – Current Joys  “t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l” – WILLOW,Continue reading “Indie Bops”


By Alessandra Kelly “Live Your Life” – T.I., Rihanna  “Whatever You Like” – T.I. “HeadBand” – B.o.B, 2 Chainz  “Ride Wit Me” – Nelly, City Spud “Ms. Jackson” – Outkast “Suga Suga” – Baby Bash, Frankie J “The Spins” – Mac Miller “Work Out” – J. Cole “Best I Ever Had” – Drake “No Hands”Continue reading “Future”

Dear Friend

By Alessandra Kelly  dear friend, i appreciate you so much everyday     i’m so happy when you stay your presence absolutely makes my day    thank you love for all the joy i love you my boy


By Alessandra Kelly once lost  now found  the world doesn’t feel as bleak with someone you trust by your side  before i would fear everyone near would disappear however others will appear and those individuals now remain the most dear  thank you to all who remain with me through big and small 

Pop Culture Grid

By Alessandra Kelly  Who won the NBA finals? (Lakers) Marcus Kelly: Don’t know David Nargunam: Lakers  Dylan Wright: Lakers  Matthew Johnson: Lakers Who’s the owner of SpaceX? (Elon Musk) Marcus Kelly: Elon Musk David Nargunam: Elon Musk Dylan Wright: Elon Musk  Matthew Johnson: Elon Musk Who wrote the song Xo Tour Lif3? (Lil Uzi Vert)Continue reading “Pop Culture Grid”