To Eat, or to Wear?

By Alessandra Kelly 

Recently, many individuals have delved into the realm of accessorizing their outfits with earrings, necklaces, rings, and etc. A favorite accessory of mine would have to be spoon rings, or rings made by souvenir utensils. These accessories are made by sawing off the end of the spoon or fork, and manipulating the metal into the desired ring size/shape. Therefore, a ring has the potential to be made in almost any size ranging from a size 5 to a size 16 ring. Additionally, each ring remains completely unique from each other as the utensil itself can vary from design to individual craftsmanship. Spoon rings can also be molded into different styles, providing a nice addition to your accessory collection. For example, souvenir spoons or forks have the ability to illustrate a different scenery, pattern, or image which pertains to the consumer. Spoon rings are also sustainable, as these utensils were left unused and become repurposed as new accessories. Overall, the uniqueness of each spoon ring, and the individual details which add to the beauty of the ring, make these accessories an exceptional purchase.

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