’23 5, 2023

23, Me, & the Government

23andme, created in 2016 by Linda Avery, Paul Cusena, and Anne Wojcicki, is a DNA testing kit that allows everyday people to learn the truth about their ancestors. Named for the 23 chromosomes in each DNA strand, 23andme has led millions of people to discover concealed aspects of their identities.

To test DNA, 23andme sends a small package with information about the brand and a small, tightly packaged container for saliva. The package is then sent to a 23andme lab, where it is tested and sent back via an online graph. 

While millions use 23andme, some are wary of 23andme’s influence with the sheer amount of DNA information available to them. What can they do with the information? Can they communicate with other organizations about DNA information?

23andme might be a useful tool to help rediscover the secrets of your ancestry, but spit with caution.