Westmont’s Fall Photographers

By Kendall Albrecht and Anjali Nayak

As fall sports come to a close, athletes flood Instagram with season recap posts. The perfect way to reflect on the season, viewing photos of players in action excites all Westmont students. Thrilling action shots, heartwarming poses with friends, and spirited student section pictures highlight Westmont’s Warriors, giving everyone a chance to be in the spotlight. We often admire the subjects of these wonderful photos, however those on the other side of the camera deserve equal appreciation. Thank you to all of Westmont’s photographers! 

Kyra Bito (@kyrasfl1cks) is often found with a Canon DSLR Rebel T8i in hand, ready to “capture pure moments and cherish them.” Bito is thankful for the photography class, as “I never understood the value of photos until I learned more about photography,” and with the help of Rachel Bradley she has been able to flesh out her newfound passion for the artform. Like many photo students at Westmont, she speaks highly of the Digital Photography class, exclaiming, “if you have the opportunity to do so, please take the class!” 

Peter Schricker (@pebbles_peter) is a photographer at Westmont who uses a Nikon D3400 or D7200 with a sigma 18-300mm lense. When asked about his favorite part of taking photos,  he pointed to the importance of “giving people the opportunity to have their favorite memories frozen in time.” Whether it be a touchdown, goal, or race to the finish, Schricker especially likes to capture moments of success and celebration. He encourages all incoming juniors to sign up for a photo class, as “it’s one of the best decisions [Peter’s] ever made.” 

Heather Tran (@heather.photo_) is “in her element” when she’s taking photos. Her camera is a Canon EOS 6D and she uses 70-200 f2.8L IS USM and 24-105 F4 IS lenses. She highlights how she is able to focus on the small nuances and details of photos; she enjoys the process of working hard to perfect a specific piece. Furthermore, Tran appreciates the friends that she has made taking photos, and the bond she has created with many in her Digital Photography class.