Liquid Gold

By Sadie York

I’ve never enjoyed coffee. Growing up in a house full of coffee lovers, the taste never sat right with my tongue. Whenever I would order at Starbucks, I would be limited to refreshers, which were tasty but never satiated my caffeine needs. However, all my troubles were fixed when I discovered liquid gold—an iced chai tea. Suddenly, I could enjoy a drink that had the ability to wake me up, while not being too strong, and was delicious in any form. 

Aside from Starbucks, any local cafe will sell chai tea. The drink itself is simple to make, and, based upon every kind I’ve tried, almost impossible to mess up. A refreshing beverage that can be supplemented with many flavors and spices (I personally like to add a pump of cinnamon dolce), chai tea can be paired with any season or setting. Studying in the library? Iced chai. Cozying up by the fireplace? Iced chai. Baking cookies? Iced chai. The list goes on. During the fall season, Starbucks even offers a festive take on the drink in the form of a pumpkin foam iced chai, a very popular item of this year’s fall collection.

Not to be dramatic, but this drink has changed the trajectory of my life. The perfect splash of sweet and smooth will have you savoring every sip, down to the ice cubes.  This is a drink that I’d highly recommend to anyone, especially for those who want a simple swap for coffee. Next time you find yourself craving something new to try, go ahead and order an iced chai!