The Bear Pt. 2

By Diego Mantelli

“Hot pan!”




Anyone who’s ever worked in an actual kitchen has heard those words, usually screamed by a chef who’s running on not enough sleep and too much Red Bull. Hit TV show, The Bear,  perfectly recreates the atmosphere of an everyday, working class kitchen. However, season 2 tackles new issues, while spinning in new characters and events.

Season 2 of The Bear draws the story of head chef Carmy converting his late brother’s sandwich shop into a professional kitchen fighting for a coveted star. The same characters from season one grow as people, turning from a rough, rambunctious group of line cooks, into professional chefs. Marcus, the wannabe baker from season one, goes to Copenhagen and learns how to bake from a professional, turning Marcus into a master baker. Tina, the “mother” of the kitchen, attends culinary school, being converted from the spiny, naive line cook who didn’t listen to anyone, to a sous chef that took control of the kitchen in times of need. Cousin Richie, who was called useless and a pain, staged(shadowed) for a 3 star restaurant, and saw the joy in being an expo(person who runs food window), which converted him into a well put together character.

Season 2 of The Bear shows how with a little work, and a lot of money, anything can be achieved. The cast of The Bear beautifully illustrates what goes into building a business, what it takes to be a chef, and sometimes, the problem just needs to be removed from the equation, as seen with Carmy getting locked in the walk-in. The writers of The Bear, as well as the cast and directors, put on an amazing show, a show which is easily within my top 3 TV shows of all time.If you have any freetime in the next couple months, I highly recommend that you watch the first two seasons of The Bear, however, just be aware that the show, just like a real kitchen, has quite a bit of swearing, so maybe watch it after your younger siblings have gone to bed.