Last Minute Costumes

By Mia Hanuska

Halloween brings great opportunities for fun costumes, but sometimes coming up with one gets difficult or time-consuming. No worries, here’s a list of somewhat last-minute but still creative costumes to wear this Halloween that aren’t a sheet ghost. 

French Toast

I wore this costume twice as my at-school costume since my real costume was too difficult to have at school, and it was a hit both times. This costume only needs a beret (I bought mine on Amazon) and very little artistic talent. Draw a picture of toast on a piece of paper, cut it out, and tape it onto your shirt. Put on the beret, and voilá! You are now French toast (this works even better if you are actually ethnically French, but it’s not necessary). 

T-Shirt Puns

These are perfect for those who aren’t a big fan of Halloween but still want to dress up. I’ve seen this “error 404 costume not found” shirt and this “to err is human, to arr is pirate”, but I’m also a fan of this “bone-jour” and this “go ceiling” shirt. These are often under $20 on Amazon and can be reworn year after year as an “if all-else-fails” option. 

Swap Clothes

It’s been a trend lately on social media to “switch clothes” with your parents, partner, or sibling, and I think this could make a great Halloween costume. Depending on if you have similar styles/sizing, this could even be free. All this requires is swapping clothes with someone of your choosing, and boom! All ready for Halloween. 

Frat Boy/Sorority Girl

This one is great for seniors who want to prepare for next year at college. Take an oversized collared shirt, a pair of shorts, a hat, tall socks and a red solo cup. Simply put on the clothes and wear the hat backwards, and that’s it! For a sorority girl costume grab short shorts (preferably athletic, but ripped jean ones work too), a crop top, and a choker-necklace. Again, put everything on and the costume is done. 


A group would actually eat this costume up!! Each person gets their own color of m&m and they wear a coordinating shirt. The shirts could be bought or easily made with a print-out of the logo on white paper. The shirts can be paired with either matching colored bottoms or even just plain back pants.