What’s The Deal With The Meal?

By Emi Gruender

One of the first things returning Westmont students notice about campus is the sizable  hole in the cafeteria building. For freshmen, this isn’t an unusual sight– they never had a previous perspective of the cafeteria to compare today’s look to. But for alumni, the constant question of “What happened to the cafeteria?” is left perpetually unanswered. As a student worker, I have access to slightly more detailed information about what to expect from the cafeteria in the future– which I will share here. 

A stark difference from working indoors, I find this change jarring, albeit necessary. The ultimate plan of this remodeling is to renovate the cafeteria to a system similar to Branham’s or Prospect’s (new kitchen). There have been whispers of different food booths– like sushi (which I am hopeful about, but doubt), pizza, burgers, veggies, etc. This renovation is expected to take from 18 months (at least) to 2 years+ – which unfortunately will result in regular acquisition of food in the dark behind the stage. But after said allotted time, Westmont will have a brand new shiny kitchen for everyone to enjoy.