Siblings Slipping Away  

By Cat Kemp and Lili Metanovic

Although having a big sister means years marked with comparison, arguments, and compromises, the constant care and support garnered will always show their worth. However, the main downside to having an older sister is that they leave you. My sister is the smartest, most hard-working woman I know, but that means that she has bigger things to do than help me all day; unfortunately, college has stolen her. With my personal guide gone, who will help when I get writer’s block while writing my articles (like right now while I facetime my sister)? Who will be there to go on impromptu ice cream runs on late summer nights or rant about our endless problems? Sisters are not only a build-in-best friend but also an inspiration, helping hand, and someone who will always be there for you. Regardless of if we were fighting about who would get to wear our shared pair of shoes or just sitting together enjoying the company, the seemingly casual fleeting moments shared were the threads that wove the tapestry of our bond. Though they are far away, the memories we have with them are still here. When our sisters left for college, a part of us left too.