AOTI: He’s Land-in’ on top

By Weston Kelly

Landon Cribari is a member of the Westmont High School wind ensemble, and a cross-country team Captain, along with a track and field varsity runner. He helped take the Cross Country team to the State Finals, where the team placed 4th. Involved in clubs, Landon is an active member of the Westmont Bike Club and the Video Game Analysis Club. At home, he enjoys watching Disney+ and Netflix. He also works at a local running shoe store called Running Revolution, where Westmont Students get a 20% discount on shoes. Landon also loves visiting Disneyland, and his favorite ride is Splash Mountain. Some hobbies Landon enjoys are telling dad jokes and taking his dog on walks while taking scenic photos. 

What is your favorite sport to play?

If I don’t want to be sore, I love playing soccer. But otherwise I like to run.

How long have you been playing these sports?

I’ve been running since 5th grade, and I’ve played friendly games of soccer since I was 6, but never played competitively. 

Do you plan on running after high school?

My goal is to race D1 in college.

What is your favorite memory from Cross Country?

My favorite memory with the Cross Country team was going to Fresno because good runners like Weston Kelly were there.

What are you most excited for this year?

I’m looking forward to going to Hawaii with the Westmont High School band over the summer.

How would you describe your pre-race routine?

The night before, I make sure to get a lot of carbs so I make sure to eat a lot of pasta. I make sure to do some mobility exercises the night before and get a good amount of sleep. I don’t actually eat any meat before the race. I make sure to have a lot of carbs and wait till after the meet to eat meat. A couple hours before the race I listen to music to hype myself up and get in the right mindset. I do a 15-minute pre-race warmup and strides to get the blood flowin’ and the heart pumpin’.

What is your favorite subject in school?


Anything else you’d like to add before this interview wraps up?

I love listening to Yung Gravy’s “Betty (Get Money)” as well as Christmas music in July. “Take the time to cherish the small things in life that you might take for granted, and get involved in school. Next time you see a stranger, don’t be afraid to say howdy.”