Boys Will Be Boys

By Anjali Nayak 

A single universal truth persistently excuses men from wrongdoings and punishment — “boys will be boys.” Instead, their misbehavior goes uncorrected as qualities condoning aggression and violence are seen as traits of strong masculine figures. 

The lens of a “boys will be boys” attitude gives men complete authority to do just about anything. Men wield their toxic masculinity through sexual assault, rape, and other forms of blatant misogyny. On the other hand, the same phrase meant to invoke pride in men forces women to keep quiet and submissive. Men feel entitled. Women cover up.

But nobody suffers more from the “boys will be boys” mentality than men themselves. From a young age, men are taught that there is one specific way to be a man, that biologically men are built on emotions such as anger and rage. The worst part? That there is no way to fix it. That naturally, men are meant to be violent.