Swinging Into Season

By Hailey Kearns

This year, Coach Yan Moore leads 31 players (11 varsity and 20 junior varsity) into another year of success and excitement. Hoping to improve their record of 3-7 from last year, the girls have been putting in lots of effort into their practices and continue to keep their spirits high. Commenting on last year’s season, Sophomore Destiny Bernardette Pereira Nunes exclaims, “Westmont showed good sportsmanship and was positive throughout the whole season no matter the outcome”. As the team starts off their fresh season, Junior Hewan Tafari looks forward to “more practice and team bondings”. Furthermore, Junior Neela Sriram adds, “This season I am most excited about being able to refine some of the skills I struggled with last year and seeing how I improved through playing the same teams.”  Come support the team by attending their home game on September 26th against Leigh!