Texting 4 Dummies 

By Cat Kemp

Texting often feels like a game. A game that may easily be lost due to the many rules, causing an easily avoidable uncomfortable situation. There is one main problem about this game though: no one tells you the rules. Thankfully, I’ve devised a guide of the most important rules and translations to keep in mind while texting. 

  • If you have read receipts on, don’t leave someone on read (Unless you’re mad at them)
  • Text how you would talk in person; if the person is a good friend then be casual!
  • If you have to include a comma or a period, just do multiple texts
  • lol=can be used ironically or to be mean 
  • lmao=it was funny
  • 😭=laughing
  • K=im mad
  • kk=ok!