Lifesavers United 

By Gio Arteaga

Throughout the world, blood donation has been a vital part of the worldwide healthcare system. Just in the United States alone, 13.6 million units of blood are collected from donors each year and 118.54 million globally to help save lives. But where does Westmont come in? Westmont for the past year partnered with the Stanford Blood Center to donate blood to those in need. 

Blood drive board member Marina Halbert, a senior here at Westmont, dedicates her time to support Westmont’s blood drive, spending her time helping, organizing, and coordinating with Stanford to provide quality blood for those in need. She goes on to share her experience being in the blood drive club and how it is being a part of this community.

“I have been in the club since I was a freshman and I joined the board sophomore year as a general board member. It makes me so proud to see all the donors at the blood drives, especially when it’s clear that they aren’t the biggest fan of needles but are willing to be uncomfortable for a few minutes to help other people.”

Just based on the success they had last year, this year the Blood Driveclub roughly estimated they would accumulate 63 units. However, after collected realized they exceeded their goal with an astounding 76 units counted from 111 donors; 120% of their original estimated goal. That’s a lot of blood! Throughout the history of the blood drive at Westmont High School, there have been many milestones and accomplishments that the blood drive club has made. 

“Last year we switched from using the Red Cross to run blood drives to using Stanford, which was a difficult process, but it allowed us to hold our first blood drive since COVID began, so it was a big accomplishment.”

Working alongside Halbert, Sophomore Sanvi Swain explains her experience as this is her first official year on the board of the Blood drive club and her aspirations for her future in her position. 

“Joining the Blood Drive Board was such a great decision! The board this year is filled with such amazing and welcoming people, especially Mr. Haskett who always puts smiles on peoples faces. My future aspirations within the Blood Drive club is to hold another blood drive towards the end of the school year! Without a doubt I recommend everyone join the club, and even if you’re too young (like myself) to donate blood, it gives amazing insight into the medical field and its many volunteering opportunities!” 

As the United States faces a nationwide blood shortage, clubs such as the blood drive here at Westmont really make an impact. With 10 volunteers, 6 board members, and the support of the Stanford Blood Drive backing its cause, it’s good to know we have a community who’s willing to help and give back to those in need.