The TAC is Back!

By Faith Gonia

Cars speeding, bicyclists fleeing, pedestrians pleading — Westmont Avenue at 3 p.m. is no haven for traffic safety. But the Traffic Advisory Committee is changing that. 

Last school year, current Fordham freshman Amelie Arango founded the Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC). Gathering a dedicated community of students, parents, and staff, Arango and the TAC made monumental strides toward safer streets surrounding Westmont High School. The installation of new limit lines and an LED stop sign marked a powerful beginning for a transformation at Westmont, and in May of 2023, the TAC worked with Berkeley SafeTREC to host a pedestrian and bicycle safety workshop. In late August, members of the TAC met with Berkeley SafeTREC again to discuss recommendations going forward. 

Graduating in June, Arango left behind a legacy of fighting for traffic safety — one which I hope to continue. Thus, after a restful summer, the TAC is back! Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 20 at 3:30 p.m. in Room 25. 

Since our outstanding former advisor, Chris Mock, has transferred to Branham High School, we are lucky to welcome two new advisors: Eric Buran and Paula Smith

The TAC wants students and parents like you on our team! This year, we are excited to tackle the dangers around drop-off and pickup time, and educate our drivers on traffic safety. Join us on September 20!