By Sadie York

Billionaires, dysfunctional families, power struggles—Succession is an HBO series which revolves around the wealthy Roy family as they pine over their worldwide, multi-media company. All four seasons are packed with engrossing content as each characters’ flaws slowly unravel into chaos. 

Early on we are introduced to Logan Roy, the firm’s CEO, who has an unusual relationship with his constantly feuding children. As the season progresses, viewers begin to realize the twisted dynamics within the family. With plot twist after plot twist, you will be left gaping at your screen, wondering what happens next. While all of the seasons are amazing, I personally believe season two ranks best, as the story had me hooked from start to end. Another distinctive aspect of Succession is the soundtrack. The iconic main theme will hit different every single watch (rest assured the introduction is never skipped). The music and scenes bind together perfectly, elevating the dramatic effect intended for the viewers. Not only, but the acting is phenomenal. Each actor puts maximum effort into their performance, causing everything behind the screen to feel so real. 

The series allows the audience to take a peek into the absurd ways people with power and money live, something that actually takes most by surprise. Succession is genuinely unlike any other show I have watched, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a new series.