All Rise For Ronald Gladden

By Anjali Nayak 

There’s a reputation often associated with jury duty in the United States. Slow, boring, and a waste of time. However, the new Amazon prime show of the same name is anything but. 

Quick witted and sharp, Jury Duty is a reality TV show that follows juror Ronald Gladden through the turns of a hilariously unordinary American jury trial. His fellow jurors are a variety of ridiculously strange characters: an egoistic washed up actor, a nerdy “inventor,” a fun- loving Brooklyn stereotype. Each of them with their own set of dilemmas that somehow entraps Gladden into the mess. Little does he know that everyone but him is an actor. 

The show flourishes as the lovechild of The Truman Show and The Office — fans of either will appreciate the dry humor and awkward (yet perfectly timed) camera pans. While Gladden unsuspectingly believes he is a part of a court case that is being recorded for a documentary, he is actually the center of a hysterical social experiment. It isn’t until the last episode when the jig is up. The cast and crew admits to Gladden of his situation as well as rewards him 100,000 dollars for his time. 

Jury Duty is a great show that everyone should watch. Case closed.