Twin Ties

By Amanda Schwarz

Having a twin is like having a sister and a best friend all in a package that kind of looks like you. My twin sister, Sophie Schwarz, and I have been best friends our whole lives. We’ve been enemies too, as most siblings are on occasions. However, unlike most friendships, it’s pretty hard to stay angry. We live together. We go to school together. We do the same sport. So when it comes to staying angry, it’s pretty inconvenient. And even if it is a struggle to get away from her, I like being a twin. I think it’s harder to understand if you aren’t one, especially if you have siblings you don’t get along with, but imagine living with your best friend. It’s pretty fun. We have lived our entire lives together and been each other’s biggest supporters through all of it. By birth we are twins, but by choice we’ll always be best friends.