Mea Culpa 

By Owen Andersen

Time’s racing,  I’m navigating

My head debating

Dreams I’m downsizing; I’m arbitrating

Stopped divagating, started discerning

Perspectives shifting, I’m self interrogating 

My head swaying

Reflections I’m Infantilizing; I’m intellectualizing 

Years are passing, what am I learning?

Hippocampus spurning, I’m louring 

My head fraying

Memories I’m glamorizing   

Transitioning: venerating then vulnerating

Crime’s creeping, I’m hyperventilating

My head turning

Wounds I’m cauterizing; my stomach churning

Not bleeding—burning

Amygdala’s snaring, I’m self incarcerating

My head spinning

Ci-devant of mine I’m pulverizing; the prosecution’s winning

A verdict I’m giving and serving

Comforting futility, I’m evolving

My head sleeping

Peace I’m cultivating; no longer misaltering

Take for what was as not what can be