WHAP, AP Physics 1, and AP Calc AB Advice

By Sinchana Holla and Sophie Schwarz

WHAP (Marshall)

  • Don’t procrastinate your work because it will pile up (especially note cards and notes, don’t save them until the day before because it won’t work out well for you)
  • Save your late passes for when you really need them, don’t use them when you just don’t feel like doing your work
  • Find the way that you like to study (videos, reviewing notes, etc.)
  • Find friends to study with and do homework together
  • Focus on the quizzes because the extra credit helps a lot on unit tests
  • Actually read the textbook when taking notes
  • Keep all your papers organized 

AP Physics 1 (Tandon)

  • Expect to do a lot of self study.
  • Doing practice problems are key to succeeding in the class.
  • Even though you think you know the concepts, you need to do practice problems until you can do it in your sleep.
  • The problems are very conceptual so when studying, ask yourself what would happen in different scenarios.
  • There are many resources that are given and learn to use them efficiently. Do you learn better with videos, notes, or audio?
  • Don’t be hard on yourself! Physics is a very different class that needs to be studied for in a different way. Everyone grasps the knowledge and breaks the code at different times and in various ways. Be okay for failing the first few tests! Trust me, it’s normal. 

AP Calculus AB (Lawon)

  • Do NOT procrastinate! We are allowed to turn in homework on the day of the unit test, however, each homework takes minimum an hour to complete so if you wait for test day, you are screwed!
  • If you do all the homework and classwork, the tests will be a breeze.
  • Personally, taking notes helps me a lot so I would recommend taking notes when Ms. Lawson lectures. 
  • Create a study group, it really helps a lot.
  • Utilize Ms. Lawson! She’s willing to stay after school and she’s always available before school. She’s a great teacher that cares about you succeeding in class. 

English 2 honors (Hadley)

  • Pay attention in class because Hadley takes a lot of time explaining the book (and a lot of times the things he says are on the tests)
  • Actually read the chapters that are assigned!
  • Pay attention to literary terms and explanations (seven deadly sins, biblical allusions, etc), because there will be a test on them
    • Quizlets are REALLY helpful for these tests
  • Make sure to analyze in your writing (focus less on finding a ton of quote and more on how something affects the theme of the book)