Questions for Hadley

By Sinchana Holla and Sophie Schwarz

What classes do you teach?

English 2H and English 4, but next year I’m going to be teaching English 3 as well.

What’s your favorite class to teach? 

Probably English 2 honors.

Favorite book to teach? 

My favorite book to teach is Brave New World but my favorite book play is Othello because they also work well together. 

How do you plan your lessons?

I try to figure out how the book is relevant to modern context, especially to people that are under the age of 18, and try to do my best to remember and understand things that I went through when I was in high school and apply it to those kinds of things. 

How has this year been for you?

This year has been really difficult because I’ve had a lot going on, but it’s been mostly fun.

Favorite memory from this year?

Hopefully it hasn’t happened yet, hopefully it’s going to happen when we win CCS

What do you look forward to next year?

It has been a long time since I taught Juniors, so I am excited for that.