Tonette Slaviero

By Faith Gonia

This year, Tonette Slaviero, Westmont High School’s Work Experience Coordinator, will be retiring after 12 years on campus! She has been at 14 teaching locations throughout her life, including her current work at the six schools in Campbell Union High School District. Over 3000 students have been lucky to have her as an instructor. 

With an incredibly diverse, 36-year-long career, she has taught Retail and Fashion Merchandising, Banking and Finance, Sales and Marketing, Travel and Tourism Marketing, Business Ownership and Management, and Work Experience Education. Asked about her favorite activity she has done with students, Slaviero recalls a Trade Show which she assigned to her Travel and Tourism students. A simulation of a real-world event, the Trade Show offered students the opportunity to develop a product, event, or business, and then build a display to present the idea to judges. Unique, the assignment allowed students to gain insight into the work world. 

While Slaviero has taught her students invaluable skills, she explains that she too has learned a meaningful lesson from them: “Don’t take life so seriously.” Reminiscing on a fond memory where she taught in Mark Kaanapu’s classroom, she explains that the esteemed football coach “reprimanded some football players who were not showing up to class or not turning in their work.” One might say that such students possessed the treasured, carefree attitude which Slaviero admires. 

Whom Slaviero will miss the most from Westmont are the students and staff. In her retirement, she plans on traveling, catching up with friends, getting more involved in church activities, and perhaps continuing to share her love of teaching through tutoring Italian or job coaching. 

Congratulations on a phenomenal career in the teaching profession!