May The Frosh Be With You

By Jacqui McLean 

While I may be biased, (seeing as I am a LIFE Crew commissioner) LIFE Crew is the best club on campus. LIFE Crew stands for leaders inspiring freshman excellence, and boy do we live up to that expectation. LIFE Crew is in charge of freshman orientation, minimum day meetings, and generally any activity regarding freshman. Each element of LIFE Crew is an important part of the freshman experience at Westmont. 


LIFE Crew is the largest club on campus, routinely composed of around 140 leaders. Each member of LIFE Crew is selected for their leadership qualities and willingness to lead others. 


LIFE Crew leaders aim to inspire the freshman to be a part of the Westmont community. Through personal stories and activities, leaders help the freshman step out of their comfort zone and inspire them to be their authentic selves. 


LIFE Crew, like it sounds, caters to the needs of Westmont’s freshmen on campus. As freshmen, students have many questions about Westmont or even just the  high school experience as a whole. Through orientation and minimum day meetings, leaders ensure that freshmen have all the necessary tools and experience to make the best out of their four years beginning on day one. 


LIFE Crew leaders promote excellence in everything that they do. We strive for academic excellence and excellent participation. Being excellent does not mean being perfect, instead LIFE Crew leaders aim to bring out the best in freshman, so that they can create their own uniquely excellent experience.