The Story Of Theatre

By Raven Carthon 

Once upon a time, there were a group of friends who shared a passion for theatre. They spent countless hours rehearsing, learning lines, and perfecting their performances. Their dedication to the craft was evident in not only the quality of their shows, but in the relationships they built along the way.

These friends were not always the closest, in fact, they hardly waved to each other in the halls. But once they began to talk more during rehearsals they realized how much they enjoyed each other’s company and comradery.

But there was something else that made their shows truly special – their friendship. The way they supported each other both on and off stage was truly remarkable. They were always there for each other, offering a kind word, a hug, or a listening ear.

They spent endless hours coming up with stupid bits about belts, and watching movies like Lyle Lyle Crocodile, and pulling all-nighters. These experiences brought them closer together than any other relationship they had ever experienced.

So, to my dear friends in theatre, I want to express my gratitude. Thank you for your talent, your dedication, and most of all, your friendship. You have made a positive impact on my life, and I am grateful to have you in it. I can’t wait to see what you will achieve in the future, both individually and as a group. Keep shining, keep creating, and most importantly, keep being you.