My Forever People

By Amelia Lipcsei

Sometimes, I try to think back to the first interactions I had with my best friends. But, I can never remember. To me, these people have been a constant presence in my life. Trying to remember a time before them seems impossible; trying to picture a future without them seems even more surreal. But, in less than four months I’ll be hundreds of miles away from all of the people I love the most. I won’t be able to go on spontaneous target trips with Isabel Kikoshima, or find amazing new restaurants with Avalon Kelly. I won’t be able to laugh at Eliana Birnbaum’s amazing sense of humor, or have the deepest of conversations with Julia Kemp. I won’t be able to hear any more of Olivia Pocat’s questionable cat escape stories, or see Ally Havasy’s impressive dedication to dress up days. And, while I can try to remember all of the tiny details that I love the most about my friends—like Izzy’s constant ability to make me laugh, or Ava’s genuine empathy for others, or Eliana’s never ending kindness, or Julia’s continuous support, or Olivia’s admirable confidence, or Ally’s loving conversations—I know that looking back the thing I will remember the most is the feeling I get when I’m around the six most commendable people I know: a feeling of constant love, of constant support, and of constant appreciation. And while I know that being 500 miles away from someone can make memories duller, the love I feel for these people will always outweigh the distance. So, to my friends, I love you. I know that no matter the distance, I will always be there for you, and you for me.