People I Love

By Isabel Kikoshima

Playing Among Us with Julia Kemp, Amelia Lipcsei, Eliana Birnbaum, and Ally Havasy during quarantine will forever be one of my favorite memories throughout high school

Early morning coffee shop visits to study terms for AP Government with Carina German will always hold a special place in my heart

Overjoyed to have bonded over physics through numerous library trips with Avalon Kelly, who inspires me everyday with her hard work and dedication

Perseverance through AP Chemistry labs with Iksha Hakoo, Anna Bae, Madeline Kwong, and Carina, remind me of the endless laughter over high lab percent errors and tears over memorizing the polyatomic ions that bonded us

Lover of golf and Macklemore, Olivia Pocat never fails to cheer me up with her carefree personality

Eternally grateful for the memories I’ve created while working at the YMCA, especially those after in-services with Eliana Hamamjy, Cara Pham, Tammy Tran, and Rachel Tang

I will forever cherish the late night drives, Sephora stops, long hikes, beach days, library sessions, and countless boba outings with Amelia, my best friend, who has taught me that confidence is truly key and inspired my love for matcha

Late nights at Dairy Queen with my closest friends I will never forget

Often stops at Breaktime Tea have become one of my favorite activities with Eliana, who has encouraged me to see the good in others and value genuine kindness 

Very thankful to become closer with Julia Freshmen year, as I will forever adore her sarcastic humor and creativity

Endlessly grateful for the past four years at Westmont that have connected me to the people I love