My Best Friend

By Sydney Reese

I love Ahra Choi. Ahra is not just my friend, but also my role model and idol. I aspire to be more like her everyday. She is the most positive person I know and has the biggest, most welcoming smile (now without braces!). I am beyond proud of her and everything she’s accomplished. I will always be her biggest fan and have her back, just as I know she has mine. Trustworthy, kind, bubbly, thoughtful, reliable, sincere, and with a contagious laugh, there is nobody quite like Ahra Choi. She also has one of the most incredible work ethics I have seen, and I admire her ability to stay motivated. Whether it’s studying for a class or working out, she will always work hard for the results she deserves. She also has the weirdest sense of humor, but it never fails to make me laugh. 

One of my favorite memories with Ahra (I have so many it’s hard to choose), was when we went to a viewpoint with a few other friends at night and just hung out, looking at all the city lights. Another time, we ran stairs together. At the top, I was rolling out in a very awkward position and, of course, right at that moment, a guy walked past. Ahra couldn’t stop laughing while my face burned red. Another time, during senior year, I went over to help her paint the banner. We talked and painted until around 1:00 am with chocolate and ice cream. She is the absolute best. I will forever love Ahra Choi.