How to Avoid Disappointment with College Decisions

By Larena Tannert

When it comes to college applications, the pressure is on. Seniors are constantly stressing about whether or not they will get into certain colleges, and what their future holds. Well, I have a couple of tips to help incoming seniors with the application process, which will greatly help avoiding disappointment with the outcome.

  1. For starters, never set your mind on one dream college. Having a single dream school, without considering any other options, is a horrible idea. Considering many schools and making a top five list, that consists of both safety schools and reach schools, will prevent any disappointment you may feel when getting rejected from a college. Researching a variety of colleges and finding multiple schools that you can see yourself thriving at will stop any possible disappointment when decisions are released.
  2. Additionally, applying to a lot of colleges may seem stressful, but in order to assure your acceptance and have a wide variety of options to choose from, it must be done. Although applying to tons of colleges may seem exhausting and not worth the time, I promise it will be extremely beneficial in the future. Having loads of colleges to choose from is an amazing feeling, and that feeling can only be made possible through hard work during the application process. Finding and applying to a large number of safety schools that you are confident you will be accepted into, and viewing them as possible options will assure that you will attend a school where you know you will be happy at. 
  3. Continuing, a good way to avoid disappointment is being open minded about where you want to go to school. Some people may think they have their heart set on going to college out of state, or by a beach, but no one can ever know what their best fit will be. Being extremely open minded about what the future can hold, and looking forward with excitement, even if you don’t get into a school you hoped to go to, will maximize your college experience, no matter where you end up. Accepting change is much better than wallowing in disappointment over a rejection. 
  4. Finally, remember that a rejection from a college does not reflect who you are as a person. Just because a college said no does not mean it has anything to do with your talent and knowledge. Consider it like any rejection should be viewed: you are better than them, and they didn’t deserve to have you at their school anyway. Keeping a mindset of confidence, despite being rejected, will help prevent any disappointment when rejections come in. Continually worrying about and feeling down about rejections will take away from your experiences in the future. “What if?” questions are a massive waste of time, when instead you can make the best out of your other college options. 

In the fall of 2023 I will be attending Cal Poly (SLO), and even though it wasn’t what I originally planned for myself, I am going there with eagerness for what new surprises await me in college. I suggest that rather than sticking to one plan, embracing changes will prevent any disappointment when it comes to your decision on where to attend college. Just remember, there is no such thing as a wrong college decision, and in the end you will find yourself on the right path, leading to success and happiness.