Besties Review the Best-Teas: Breaktime Tea

By Amelia Lipcsei and Isabel Kikoshima

Each issue, we will review a different boba place. For each cafe, we will rate the tea, boba, atmosphere, and customer service. For the final issue, we rate Breaktime Tea, our #1 rated boba shop located in Downtown Campbell. 

Isabel’s Tea Ranking: 10/10

After trying nearly the entire menu at Breaktime Tea, my favorite tea is the Matcha Lemon Tea. A perfect combination of citrus lemon and green tea, the Matcha Lemon Tea has the perfect sweetness level and balance between the two flavors. Not only does the tea taste delicious, but it’s also visually appealing with the bright green tea and fresh lemon slices. I would definitely recommend this tea if you are a fellow matcha lover. Overall, I rate this tea a 10/10 because it provides an extra boost of caffeine and refreshment during any part of the day.

Amelia’s Tea Ranking: 10/10

Breaktime has been my favorite boba place for what seems like forever. And, after trying every single drink on the menu multiple times, I would rate all of them at least a 7/10. My favorites, however, are always a 10/10. These include the Jasmine Green Milk Tea, the Thai Tea, the Matcha Lemon Green Tea, the Matcha Green Milk Tea, and the Hong Kong Lemon Tea. All of these teas have the perfect sweetness and flavor. Breaktime’s milk tea base has such a unique flavor that makes all of their milk teas taste so delicious. I would highly recommend getting a milk tea from them. I also love that you can also get the majority of their drinks hot. On a chilly day, a hot milk tea is the perfect way to go. 

Isabel’s Boba Ranking: 10/10

Each time I order boba from Breaktime, the cafe never fails me with their delectable pearls. Providing the ideal chewy, yet soft texture, the boba at Breaktime is always a tasty treat in my drink. Moreover, the boba has the superb brown sugar flavor, which pairs well with their refreshing fruit teas and creamy milk teas. The pearls are always up-to-standard and cooked to perfection each time I visit. Thus, I rate the boba at Breaktime Tea a 10/10 because they are consistent in quality and taste delicious.

Amelia’s Boba Ranking: 10/10

Breaktime’s boba is honestly perfect. It’s always the perfect flavor and texture. Boasting sweet notes of honey and a delectable chewy texture, their boba never fails to amaze me. Out of all of the boba places that I have tried, Breaktime’s boba consistently wins the best flavor award in my opinion. I have never tried boba as sweet and flavorful as Breaktime’s boba. When added into a drink, their pearls not only add texture, but also they add a sweet brown sugar flavor that accentuates the flavors in all of their drinks. I would highly recommend Breaktime just for their boba. 

Isabel’s Atmosphere Ranking: 10/10

Breaktime Tea has a variety of seating arrangements, from high to large tables, perfect for any occasion. Whether I am getting boba after school with my fellow boba connoisseur, Amelia Lipcsei, or going with my co-workers after lifeguard in-services, Breaktime Tea always has seating available. In addition, the music playlists at the cafe are always on point, as I have discovered a plethora of songs from late-night study sessions at Breaktime. I rate the atmosphere a 10/10 because there are not only cute decorations, but also a selection of seating options. 

Amelia’s Atmosphere Ranking: 11/10

No boba place or cafe will ever beat Breaktime’s atmosphere. I love going there just to hangout, to study, or to do homework. The many seating options paired with the consistently incredible music and beautiful lighting makes Breaktime the perfect place to do anything and everything. I have made so many incredible memories in this little cafe. From spending hours working on calculus homework to writing journalism articles to hanging out with friends, Breaktime always provides the perfect atmosphere to be both productive and social. 

Isabel’s Customer Service Ranking: 10/10

When arriving at Breaktime, I am always greeted by the cafe’s welcoming and hardworking staff. The employees at the cafe are super friendly and willing to remake your drink if you’re not happy with what you ordered. At Breaktime Tea, the accommodating staff makes me want to support the local cafe and visit again. Overall, I rate the customer service a 10/10 because the employees are very helpful with offering their drink suggestions and friendly each time I walk into the cafe. 

Amelia’s Customer Service Ranking: 10/10

Since I spend so much time in Breaktime, a few of the workers know my order by heart. It’s always so nice to be able to come in and have them know exactly what I want. Even before I was a regular customer, the workers always spent so much time making sure that I felt welcomed there. Most of them ask questions or make conversation with customers. They also are so willing to adjust drinks or add customizations, which is super nice.