Every Warrior Needs a Shield

By Julia Kemp

On every A day morning, I shoot out of bed, unbelievably excited for first period, where I head to room 58 and prepare for new issues of The Shield. Blasting Taylor Swift, playing competitive slideshow games, creating unique and compelling pages—the atmosphere of the press room is absolutely unmatched. I will never forget the memories I’ve made and the friends I’ve connected with. To my fellow editors (Isabella Brady, Emily Burich, Amelia Lipcsei, and Olivia Pocat): thank you so much for making this year run so smoothly; I’m so glad I got to work with you! To my fantastic advisor, Andy Evans, I’ll never forget the amazing environment that your energy and effort provided! To everyone who contributed to The Shield this year: I couldn’t have done it with anyone else, and I’ve had such a great experience! Bittersweet, my graduation means new beginnings in college, but also sad goodbyes as I leave The Shield with next year’s editors. TRULY, every warrior needs a shield!!