A Bittersweet Ending

By Isabel Kikoshima

As my time at Westmont comes to an end, I reflect on my most cherished memories from high school. When I think about going off to college, I hold back tears at every thought of leaving the people and places that I love, yet I feel excited to embark on a new journey. 

Each year of high school has shaped the person that I am today, which I am truly thankful for. Freshman year, I learned to make new friends after coming from such a small school. Walking to school and biking to new places every day with my friends will forever be something that I cherish. During sophomore year, I discovered the importance of asking my teachers questions in such an isolated time. While I FaceTimed my friends and played Among Us, I felt connected to them during quarantine. Junior year, I found the field that I want to pursue after challenging myself in AP classes and summer programs. Now, as a senior, I discovered the importance of living spontaneously and in the moment to make the most out of my short time left at Westmont. This year, I look back on my most memorable moments: carpooling to school each day with my best friend, studying at Breaktime Tea for endless hours, receiving support from my parents and family during the stress of college applications, going on day trips to the beach, laughing endlessly in my classes, spending late nights at Dairy Queen after rallies and football games, and so much more. 

The four years of high school are truly what you make of it. Thankfully, I had friends, teachers, and family, who supported me throughout my time at Westmont, which I will forever cherish. Now, as I prepare to leave for college, I feel heartbroken leaving behind my Westmont community that has shaped who I am, but also feel excited about discovering new places and people that I will come to love.