Turtles All The Way Down 

By Rachel Walker 

As a baby, my mom has called me “turtle” throughout the duration of my life. It all started when I would lay on my mom’s chest, pick my head up, look around, and lay my head back down. My mom compared these mannerisms to those of a turtle. Since that day she has called my turtle and related almost all my gifts to turtles in some way shape or form. For instance, I have countless turtle jewelry, books, even candy bars. 

The turtle theme even plays into me and my mom’s favorite movie to watch: Finding Nemo. One of our favorite characters is no other than the iconic son and child duo, Crush and Squirt! Whenever we were sick or feeling down, we turned to our go-to movie. I have seen the movie so much I can quote the movie line for line. In fact, my graduation cap even has something to do with the turtles in Finding Nemo. The nickname and movie has served as such a significant moment in my life. Whenever I miss my mom, I will look for her where the turtles are. 

Traditionally, female turtles bury their eggs in the sand and abandoned their new young, hoping to reunite with their young in the ocean. In the same way, I will separate from my mom this coming fall, but will eventually reunite with her once more.