The Journey of Sea Junk

By Keira De Vita

Sea junk is by far the best part about the beach. But the name makes no sense: sea junk? Junk? Sea shells and sea glass, “thingamabobs” (from The Little Mermaid), and cool rocks—the list goes on. These pieces of the ocean wash up, basking in the glory of the sun. These magnificent pieces are not junk. Although some things like sea glass and big cement boat pieces are not entirely ocean made, once something enters the blue water that encapsulates over 70 percent of our planet, it belongs to the vast water. The big blue beauty that holds millions of mysteries presents humans of all beings with its treasures from the ocean grounds hundreds of thousands of feet under. 

While all humans do is pollute the ocean, it continuously gives back to the undeserving race and we call it junk… no way. The sea and beach will always be the most fantastic part of the inhabited planet, Earth. Mother nature fosters life and beauty and with sea junk, she continues to deliver. Coming up from the depths of the oceans, sea junk completes its journey. Its life in the ocean will not be discredited because that is what makes each piece so unique; its individual journey no other shell, rock, or pebble has traveled. The journey of sea junk is the most precious journey of all things on the big green and blue planet.