George and Evan: BFFs

By Melania Metanovic 

It all started in Ms. Tolbert’s kindergarten class at Marshall Lane Elementary School. Two excited five-year-old boys, George Bilionis and Evan Griffith, walked through the classroom doors for the first time not knowing the future that was ahead of them. George and Evan first became friends in kindergarten. They maintained their friendship throughout elementary and middle school, and it truly began to flourish when George joined Evan in ASB sophomore year. Over the past few years, they have become closer than ever through being in ASB together and are completely attached to each other that they couldn’t bear to separate from each other for college; they will both be attending UC Berkeley in the fall! With love and care for Evan, George states, “He is the goofiest guy I know. Even though he has a hard time grasping simple calculus/physics topics and it’s very difficult working with him due to his lack of academic insightfulness, I am proud to call him my Berkeley Brother. I just hope Rachel Griffith (Evan’s twin sister) will knock some sense into him sometime during the next four years.” I can’t wait to see where their friendship ends up and I hope they have a great time together at Berkeley!