All My Summer Spots

By Avalon Kelly

Swimming, sunbathing, camping, beaching—these classic activities often come to mind at the mention of summer.  I, on the other hand, remember summer in places.  Here are a few of my local summer spots that hold my favorite summertime memories:

  1. Rinconada Park: Countless afternoons I have spent on the grassy fields of this small park by my house.  Picnicking, making flower crowns, and lying in the grass, my friends and I have spent hours relaxing and talking at the peaceful Rinconada.
  2. My backyard: This is my sanctuary come summertime every year.  If I don’t feel like going out, I often sit outside (either alone or with the company of my siblings).  I pass the time by reading and making friendship bracelets as I sip on my Tension Tamer tea.
  3. Downtown Los Gatos: Before I had my license, DTLG was my spot in the summer!  I would bike or run about five miles down the Los Gatos Creek Trail to get dinner at Main Street Burger or the CCC at Great Bear Coffee.  I still love hanging out downtown, but I now opt for driving over the five-mile run/ride.
  4. Hill Dog Hill: The real name unbeknownst to me, Hill Dog Hill is my favorite spot for stargazing, hiking, and hanging out with my cross country friends.  Much like the Room of Requirement, this place can only be found if you already know how to find it (also, I’m just awful with directions and couldn’t help you find it if I wanted to).
  5. Thrifty’s: On the last day of school each year since elementary, my Marshall Lane friends and I have hit Thrifty’s to celebrate the beginning of summer.  This will always represent the end of the school year (and a delicious start to summer vacation).