“Just Dance”-ing Off the Calories 

By Rachel Walker

Working out comes with tons of challenges. You need space, equipment, time, money, and motivation. There’s an easy solution to all these problems: “Just Dance”. Created in 2009, “Just Dance” combines current and classic songs with fun dance moves. Plus, “Just Dance” is accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet and a device. All you need to do is go on YouTube and look up the dance you wish to do.  With hundreds of songs to choose from, there are always fun dances to try. Although tons of fun, the dances burn calories too! On average, “Just Dance” songs burn about 20 calories. Doing four or five dances daily will burn about 100 calories and increase your heart rate. If you want a challenge, the Rasputin dance is a whole-body workout that raises your heart rate.  Not to mention, you’ll have a great time! The game has multiple personas to enjoy the workout with friends. With or without friends, “Just Dance” is the perfect workout!