Kai Cenat Subathon

By Haris Kadich

Kai Cenat, Twitch’s most subscribed streamer, creates entertaining and engaging content. He is best known for his marathon-style “Subathon” streams, which lasts a whole 30 days during black history month. During this self-proclaimed “Mafiathon,” Kai interacts with his audience, plays games, and creates an overall fun and lighthearted atmosphere. This Subathon will also provide Kai Cenat fans with an entirely new viewing experience of the creator’s life and habits, allowing fans to see Kai Cenat in a way they have never seen before. For example, during day one of Subathon, he spent a couple of hours reacting to videos when a samba band walked into his room and began playing. His streams have become one of the most popular on Twitch. He has been streaming for 567 hours and has gained around 780,000 followers since the beginning of his Subathon. Recently, Kai just broke past 300k subscribers, which is the most ever reached by a Twitch streamer.