Awesome AVID 

By Amelie Arango 

AVID: Advancement VIA Individual Determination. Listed in the course catalog as “a support program for students bound for four-year universities,” the program is so much more than that. The classes provide a close learning environment and motivation. From freshmen to seniors, everyone gets to further their education and academic goals. All the grades learn together, creating a tight community. 

According to club vice-president Nicole Hallock, “It helps you during the college process and makes it so much easier. When everyone was freaking out in December, I was already done!” Along with getting work done, they also get to have fun. Hallock also made a point to mention that there’s free food and fun Fridays, a nice break from the usual stress of classes. 

If you are interested in attending a 4-year university and want to gain skills that will help you prepare for your future, take AVID. The classes prepare you for life, and the club provides a great, fun community.