Why You Hatin’? 

By Raven Carthon 

In a new age in which trends are looked down upon, the popularization of the pretentious view has become more prominent. While in previous years trends overtook the culture, causing an overall surge in a topic of popularity, within the new age, the idea of trends has become “cringe” and is looked down upon. While individuality should be praised and rewarded, this does not mean that trends should be dismissed altogether. 

At the end of the day, trends become popular for a reason. If a product or style is popular, this does not mean it is a negative thing simply because everyone is following. Due to its popularity, some are quick to dismiss it for the fear of being viewed as “like everyone else.” But this hater culture does not only present itself in trends but even how others are treated. If someone is regarded as even slightly outside the perimeters of normalcy, it becomes easier to hate on everyone before someone is given an opportunity to hate first. With this constant sense of competition, this creates a natural divide between people and their interests when as a society we should be able to praise and celebrate our differences. 

Additionally, this hateful culture is further promoted through social media, specifically TikTok. If a short video features even a semblance of something that is deemed cringe, it is immediately flooded with negativity and disgust. It begs the question, when did we become so hardwired to hate one another?