Sylvia Plath

By Julia Kemp

Sylvia Plath, an American poet and novelist, is best known for her vulnerable and truthful semi-autobiographical works that describe her experiences with depression, hospitalization, and attempted suicide. Though Plath’s art was revolutionary and fresh, many publishers refused to publish her work until after her tragic death in 1932. 

Though Plath never gained fame during her lifetime, her writing style has influenced many female artists since her death. For example, a popular TikTok trend is to have people guess whether a quote is a Sylvia Plath line or a Taylor Swift quote. Many claim that the popular modern singer’s lyricism reflects the raw, poetic works of Plath. 

While Plath’s work influenced popular female artists today, many might still question what her influence was in feminism and why she should be credited for her work during Women’s History Month. While the mid-century poet did not make a colossal influence during her adverse life, it was her bravery to express herself through writing that left the impact. Writing in the beginning of the 21st Century, Plath took extreme risks by writing about her mental health and experience as a woman. Though Plath didn’t experience much fame or influence in her lifetime, her legacy of intellectual emancipation changed female expression forever.