Kamala Harris

By Madeline Crowley

All throughout my world history class this year, I’ve learned about the crazy times of the past, full of corrupt governments, horrible wars, unsuccessful social structures, disease, economic depressions, and worse. Continuously, I questioned whether things would have been different if feminine roles were reversed and women were naturally born the leaders of the world throughout history. Would so many bloody wars have happened? Would so many countries still have been so miserably unsatisfied with their lives if women were in charge? Would the concept of equality be implemented in their societies far before the men embraced it? History has finally started to take its turn, thanks to Kamala Harris. As the first but certainly not the last powerful woman to take part in our U.S. executive branch as a Vice President, Kamala has inspired so many women young and old, people of color, and of Indian heritage, to be strong and always embrace themselves for who they are rather than changing to fit the norms of society. She has truly opened the doors of possibilities for so many women to rise to power. 

Growing up, she lived not far from Westmont, working for the Alameda County District Attorney’s office. In 2016, she was elected as a Senator for California, only the second African American lady to ever be elected to the Senate in U.S. history. Harris was soon known for her sharp, aggressive questioning tactics, and could unnerve opposing witnesses with ease. After spending a lifetime in politics, she has spread her reach across the world and is helping with projects to protect women all across the western hemisphere and Central America through private sectors. Due to her dedication to fighting injustice, her sophistication, her eloquence, and her capabilities for leadership and governance, Kamala embodies the future for women and is truly making a difference for the next generation of girls.